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Friends of Food

Friends of Food

The D&AD awarded project aims to reduce food waste at the root. Combating throw away culture, the Hellmann's way.

The D&AD Brief

Create a Hellmann’s branded device, publication or service that addresses the issue of food wastage. Your design should be a response to a point in the supply chain where food is often wasted – this could be in the home, such as leftover food that’s overlooked or left behind when people go on holiday, or in restaurants or stores, when over-ordered or expired goods get binned.


Choose either the home, the store, or the restaurant as the focus for your solution. Think about Hellmann’s standpoint, “We’re on the side of food”, and consider how it positions the brand as a champion of the goodness of food, and how this furthers its narrative around sustainability.

An average of 6.5 weekly food shops are ending up in the bin in UK households.

The Solution

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The Publication

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