Chemoquip Rebrand

Here to make a difference

Role: Entire Project

Chemoquip Limited is a Kenyan firm operating in the laboratory, hospital supplies and chemical sector. The company established their business in 1992, making a mark on the industry, through top quality  products, representing global brands. Chemoquip focuses on customer satisfaction, through their customer experience, offering affordable pricing and various after sales servicing options. The rebrand sparks a modern identity framework and design that is professional and understanding. It positions the brand as the professionals in the industry.

Recreate the Chemoquip brand across various touch points and collateral. Bring the brand into the modern day, separating the brand in an already saturated laboratory supply market. Create a visual identity that is conveyed across the brand, reflecting our values and practices.  Your design should not stray too far away from the existing logo and colours, keeping a portion of the existing identity intact.

Consider how the brand can be positioned taking into regard the years of experience Chemoquip has in comparison to competitors. Think about the identity from a business point of view, considering the B2B nature of the brand. Think about Chemoquip's standpoint, values and mission.

"We want to make a difference to the industries we supply to, and the people we connect"

The Brief


Hanken Grotesk is used as the primary typeface for headings and titles. The typeface conveys a friendly yet professional personality, The typeface conveys character and personality. A medium weight is used for main headings and subheadings.

Montserrat's soft yet established typeface projects a friendly, professional and approachable tone of voice. The typeface is used primarily for body copy. Regular weights are utilised ensuring clear visibility and legibility. 

Brand Philosophy

Chemoquip looks to advance the industries they supply to, making high quality, affordable products available across regions all over Africa. Established in 1992 the laboratory supply brand have gained 27 years of knowledge in the industry, enabling them to be positioned as experts in the industry. Innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, improvement, sustainability and empowerment are values Chemoquip stand by.  Chemoquip are here to make a difference, enhancing the industries they supply to and the practices they set out to carry. 

Encourage innovation & entrepreneurship 




The primary colour palette features tones of red, white, black and grey. The Chemoquip red is made to stand out. The red gives the brand a modern take on their already established colour.

Shades of blue make up the secondary colours. Reminiscent of Chemoquip's early branding. 

The Logo

The logo maintains a similar identity to the previous, embracing the brand's past. A refined aesthetic composes the logo creating a modern rendition of the previous. The molecules represent the 4 key brand mission's. The lines create the core of the logo, representing the core of the business; the customers, suppliers and employees. Connecting people from all over the world with products that make a difference. 

cql logo-34.png

Tone of Voice