Made by you

Role: Entire Project

The made by you campaign encourages adventure and life. Each colour, each wash claimed their own experiences. Each of which will claim a new adventure. The campaign gives the title of the consumer as the creator of the clothing and the consumer in the used clothing market as the wearer. It emphasises the importance and appreciation of quality garments, to the consumers in the emerging market. Revolutionising and personalising the re - use culture in the industry. 

The Brief

The campaign is about spreading awareness and taking action against sustainable or ethical issues, to current and future consumers. It should inspire change the consumption of the next generation of consumers. The campaign should inspire other companies practicing sustainable fashion.

The Industry

Top 5 Fast Fashion Brands

Domestic Market Value


The Gap


Hennes & Mauritz 

Fast Retailing Co

Cheil Industries



  • Fast fashion dominates the industry.

  • Fast fashion is extremely affordable.

  • Fast paced industry - trends are constantly changing. 

Levi's USP

  • Positioned as leaders and innovators in the industry for creating the blue jean.

  • Trusted by consumers.

  • Known for quality.

  • Possess a courageous tone of voice.

Creative Direction







Put Levi's at the forefront of sustainability in the fashion industry.


Augmented Reality

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Made by you Levi’s emblems are embedded in Google and Apple maps, located in the popular shopping districts. The emblems become active when consumers find themselves within the specified radius, beginning the augmented reality experience. Consumers are made aware of the abundance of textile waste.

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Print Ads

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Contrasting, real life stories, tell the tale of the clothing in their respective markets. Each journey, special. Each journey unique. Each journey, as important as the other. The contrasting tales illustrate a metaphorical timeline of adventure, from creator to wearer. Consumers become able to relate and appreciate the contrasting cultural journeys of the clothing, understanding the importance of second hand clothing in developing nations. The inspired story telling projects the importance of their creation, for the people who need it.

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“Made by you” passports will be issued through online and instore Levi’s purchases. Digital passports accessible through the Levi’s website, allow consumers to keep track of where their favourite Levi’s clothing is ending up. Physical “Made by you” passports are also available for consumers to update. Iconic stamps are designed, to represent the various regions of the world the clothing travels to. Creating new adventures and new experiences with consumers in these second- hand markets.

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Boarding Pass

Digital boarding passes become available on the Levi’s website when consumers send their used clothing to Levi’s drop off points and stores. Details of their ports of departure and final destination feature in the passes, also indicating shipping times and product details. Consumers can interact with each other through social media, sharing their product statuses (tracking stages), number of clothes they have donated (passport), country stamps collected and boarding pass details, through embedded share buttons within Levi’s webpage or Apple wallet.

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Apple Wallet

The QR code located on the digital boarding pass can be scanned for integration into the apple wallet application. Basic details available on the boarding card can be viewed, with added options for re-orders and tracking. The card ensures convenience.

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Consumers have the ability to track the progress of their dispatched clothing items through the “Made by you” apple wallet card, or Levi’s web and mobile site. Notifications will appear during set stages of the tracking process.



The ultimate travel experience is created through a luggage inspired design. Taking consumers on the adventure they started. Eco friendly cardboard and certified cotton handles make the material composition, reflecting sustainability from the get go. Levi’s issued passports feature within the suitcase, a travel essential, beginning an epic journey, entirely crafted by the consumer.


What's in the box?

Passport badges, feature traditional fabrics from the countries that most commonly import and consume second hand clothing. Each badge allows consumers the ability to make the passports, their own.

Inside Box-01.png


Each made by you garment features traditional fabrics similar to the passport badges, in the silhouette of the iconic Levi’s logo. Made by you merchandise sends all proceeds to the Clean Clothes Campaign. CCC works to ensure that the fundamental rights of workers are respected. They educate and mobilise consumers, lobby companies and governments, and offer direct solidarity support to workers as they fight for their rights and demand better working conditions.