Karma Cola


Role: Designer & Creative Strategist

The campaign aims to disrupt the cola market through a concept based on truth and transparency. The campaign uses Karma Cola's ethos to it's full potential, integrating their loyal consumers into the Karma Cola family.

Karma Cola is all about giving back. Putting the farmers and growers in control.


  • Karma Cola don't believe in expensive advertising. 

  • It is not available in many supermarkets.

Karma Cola USP

  • Compelling brand story.

  • Transparent business model.

  • Hig social media following.

  • Fairtrade and sustainable practices.

Creative Direction

Karma Cola is sustainable and built on a radically transparent business model. The concept of ‘Truth’ fits perfectly with the brand's identity. This was the primary focus in increasing brand awareness and enhancing their profile. The brand embraces an attitude of complete transparency and openness. These act as strong pillars, allowing Karma Cola to compete with the market leaders.


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This form of advertising communicates the brand value from the point of purchase. This copy execution highlights the Karma Cola consumption experience that is delivered in the essence of the brand.

Hijack Approach

Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving is all about togetherness and appreciation of family and friends. This hijack approach utilises Instagram, thanking the components that make a Karma Cola. Eventually spelling out 'Thank you.' The campaign gives thanks to everyone and everything involved in Karma Cola.

Visual Approach

Brief to the Public

Tackling the challenge: Karma Cola doesn't believe in expensive advertising. The execution took to capitalise on their large social media following. The campaign consists of a creative call to action to the general public , asking them :


Final Execution

Visual Approach: Brief to the public

Social media is a powerful tool that people use to express what's important to them, which is why these platforms are so fitting for this campaign. This brief to the public taps into people’s natural inclination to posting by asking its followers to express more and specifically about how the brand inspires them.


The response expected is for Karma Cola’s loyal fan base to churn out a harmonious stream of content for us to curate on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Providing honest, authentic user-generated content that is a direct reflection of the heart and soul of the brand.

Seeded Artwork

Artwork will be created and then seeded on the various social media platforms by the team and Karma Cola to inspire the general public. Using the brand as inspiration to create work. This is done to motivate consumers and give them examples of the innovative way to interpret this creative call to action.

Fan Posts

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Social Media Platforms

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'A picture can be worth a thousand words', which is why visual-based platforms like Instagram have grown at a faster rate than other social platforms like Facebook. As our campaign is visually lead, the efficiency and instantaneous nature of Instagram makes it the ideal host. However, to attain maximum exposure this campaign will also be carried on through Facebook and Twitter using the same hashtag.