Burger King

Bring the Fire

Role: Designer & Creative Strategist

Burger King has flame grilled since 1954, searing in the flavour. Beef + Fire = Magic. Still, the majority of 18 - 24 year olds don't know that the fast food franchise flame grill over fry. The campaign captures the cynical cohort, ensuring they know Burger King brings the fire. 

The Brief

Create an advertising campaign that drives home the singleminded proposition: Because Fire is Better. Execute the “flame-grilling since 1954”message in a new, relevant way that makes younger, more cynical consumers want flame-grilled burgers, not fried. Get them to buy into, understand, and retain this message, and ultimately give Burger King another try.

Campaign Overview

The central pillar of the campaign is the Burger King FireTruck, which acts as a catalyst for social interactions happening up to, during and after the activation.

Spotify & Youtube

A buzz word in the world of media, data, will drive this part of the campaign. Using data collected from Spotify & YouTube, these ads will target users that are listening to the festival playlists, artists that are performing at specific festivals and playlists with key words. The festivals featuring activations include: Reading & Leeds, V Festival, LoveBox and Download Festival.

Youtube Teaser

YouTube is not just about audio and visual, it is interactive as well. This allows for the campaign to start a dialogue with the viewer, providing them with information about how Burger King is ‘bringing the fire’ to their summer festival.

Instagram Stories

Millennial's prefer experiences over material things.  

Creative Direction

Bring the Fire




Tone of Voice



All about the flames


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